Nootropics for Energy

Nootropic food supplements have many health benefits, but they are best known for their effects on cognitive functions. That is why they are also called smart supplements. They improve memory, increase your learning capacity, improve your attention, focus, and concentration. They also increase levels of energy.

Your overall performance depends on your mental energy and high alertness. It is easy to see why nootropic supplements that improve energy are something we all need. Even if you never heard of nootropics before, you are going to change your mind by the end of this article.

nootropics for energy

Your Solution to Low Energy Level

If you feel your energy levels deplete during the day, a good nootropic supplement can make a huge difference in your life. Low energy levels are often caused by unhealthy nutrition, rising stress levels, as well as the environments where you spend your time.

The modern way of life influences our health and wellbeing by impacting our energy levels. Many products are used to increase energy levels. The most famous one is coffee, but people also turn to energy drinks, soft drinks, and other unhealthy products. These products often cause side effects, or they don’t even deliver the energy you are yearning for.

Nootropic supplements are what you need. They were designed to impact neurons inside our brains, making sure we get the energy boost we need so much. Before you select the product you want to use, learn about how nootropics really work.

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How Do Nootropics Increase Our Energy Levels?

You can find many different nootropic supplements on the market. Of course, not all of them have the same effects on the brain. Some products affect different processes and systems in our brain.

Most nootropic supplements activate different neurotransmitters in the brain. These are chemicals that our brain cells need to communicate with each other to pass on the messages. Everything from our memories, thoughts, to our actions, are possible because of these neurotransmitters.

Nootropic supplements also work to increase the blood flow to the brain, increasing the oxygen intake. These two effects are important for optimal brain function and energy levels. Other processes in our body would be impossible without oxygen and glucose. When your brain cells get the right nutrients, you will feel clear focus and less fatigue. As you feel better mentally and physically, you will have more motivation and a better overall feeling.


Nootropics In a Stack

No matter what your reason for taking nootropic supplements are, combining a couple of them makes a “stack”. Using more products helps you get the best effect possible as the supplements work in synergy. For example, if you use nootropics that increase the blood flow in the brain along with the ones that boost dopamine levels, you will feel a stronger effect than if you took the two separately.

The aim of our guide is to give you as many choices of different supplements that affect energy levels as possible. Keep in mind that the supplements don’t affect everyone the same, so you will have to experiment a little before figuring out the perfect stack for yourself.

Nootropic food supplements are made out of natural ingredients only. Most of them contain caffeine and L-Theanine because they have the best effect on energy when they work in synergy. Alone, these two ingredients have totally opposite effects.


We all heard of caffeine since it’s normally found in coffee. This is the most popular and the best-known stimulant for the central nervous system. It is known to boost energy and increase overall alertness. As such, it is an important ingredient in most nootropic supplements and stacks. Caffeine activates the noradrenaline neurons which then release dopamine. Increased dopamine levels help your brain work faster and clearer. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others.

If you take caffeine in coffee, you often experience side effects like headaches, anxiety, and jitters. That’s why caffeine in nootropic products is decaffeinated. The benefits are kept while the side-effects are eliminated.


L-Theanine is a very important amino acid originating from the leaves of green tea. We can’t intake this acid through our diet. It is a natural compound with effects that are very similar to caffeine, but it doesn’t cause nervousness. L-Theanine delivers the boost of energy in a very relaxed and calm way. It also gets rid of the side-effects of caffeine, and that is why these two ingredients always go together. L-theanine and caffeine work in synergy to improve energy and awareness.


Many of us are affected by the modern way of life and that often leads to low energy and focus issues. We turn to all kinds of unhealthy foods and drinks to get a boost of energy, but that takes its toll on our bodies. Nootropic supplements for energy work to give us the energy and mental focus we need to cope with everyday life without side effects like jitters, nervousness, and crashes.

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