Nootropics are a hot topic on the internet in the past decade or so. Many claim that these food supplements helped them get rid of anxiety and stress, and having more energy and focus. But, what are these drugs used for? We are going to go over the most common uses and the benefits they provide


Nootropics As A Study Aid


Smart drugs, are widely used by college students who have trouble keeping up with their studying and other activities. Many of these supplements provided better learning capabilities and enhanced memory, which is critical for students. Caffeine and other stimulants have been a part of college studies all over the world, but unlike them, nootropics don’t have any unwanted side effects like jitters and crashing.

The most popular suplement family among students are racetams. They provide the focus, motivation, and attention needed to study for longer time periods. Aniracetam, which is a part of this family, is known for its stress-relieving effects which most students welcome because of the everyday pressure of deadlines and exams.

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Nootropics For Work And Business


All businesses, no matter what they specialize in, are directly impacted by economic changes on the market. Company leaders have to be dynamic and enterprising if they want to rise above their competition. Leaders are nothing without workers, and those workers have to be effective and innovative if they want the company to shine. Some people can achieve that without a problem, while most don’t have the motivation and the drive needed to strive forward. If you fall into this category, nootropics might just be the answer you are looking for.

This supplements are used by business executives and managers for a long time now. The world of business is an unforgiving place, so many turned to these supplements for an edge over the competition. Taking phenylpiracetam allows them to think logically and more clearly, which is crucial when making tough decisions. They enable you to stay focused for longer, and they can help reduce harmful effects of jetlag.

Nootropics For Social Anxiety


Some people have realized that this supplements can help them overcome social anxiety. The interaction between individuals in our social circles can have a significant impact on the quality of our lives. Situations like a job interview or meeting your loved one’s parents can make you feel edgy and anxious. Some people find it hard to socialize with others from the start, and when you add a bad mood and social anxiety to the mix, it’s easy to see how the most common interactions become even harder. They have the power to free you from these invisible chains.

Some nootropic supplements have anxiolytic effects that reduce social anxiety and give the user more confidence. Others improve verbal language skills, making people communicate easier than before. This helps them gain confidence in a natural way. To understand the people surrounding us, we have to think clearly and logically. From there we figure out what to say and how to act appropriately. Supplements that improve memory can help people who forget faces and names quickly.


Nootropics For Health


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Dr. Corneliu Giurgea came up with the term nootropics, and he stated that a drug has to offer protection from physical and chemical damage to be considered as one. This means that this supplements and drugs offer some kind of health benefit that can be achieved through different mechanisms inside out bodies. For example, some nootropics function as potent antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body. Free radicals are molecules that miss one pair of electrons on the outer shell. That makes them highly unstable and reactive. Free radicals are dangerous because they steal electrons from other molecules inside our bodies, and that leads to oxidative stress. Products like L-theanine, Ginko Biloba, and many others neutralize free radicals by losing electrons to them, but they don’t become free radicals themselves.

Suplements like DMAE and centrophenoxine work to detox your body of harmful toxins that gather up in our blood. These toxins are a byproduct of our metabolism. If they are not dealt with, they can contribute to serious diseases like chronic obstructive problems, neurological defects, and all kinds of lysosomal diseases.

Noopept is a supplement that’s known to increase the expression of genes associated with the production of BDNF and then nerve growth factor. These two proteins are essential for the survival, growth, and differentiation of neurons. Low levels of BDNF are responsible for many neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.




People from all over the world including athletes, astronauts, scientists, students, and others turn to nootropic supplements seeking to become more productive, healthier and intelligent. These are just some of the areas affected by nootropics with new possibilities being revealed all the time. It looks like the applications for these supplements keep turning up from nowhere. Take some time to browse through our website and product reviews, and you might find the brain-improving drug that can change your life for the better. Think about it – you have nothing to lose, only to gain!

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