The Best Nootropics for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Nootropic supplements are used to improve brain function, memory, and learning abilities, but they can also impact our overall mood and work to relieve us from stress.

Taking nootropics for anxiety will help you deal with the neurochemical processes in your brain that make you feel anxious in the first place. These nootropics can make you feel better which means that you will feel relaxed and that includes social anxiety and shyness.

nootropics for anxeity

You have to choose the nootropic stack or a supplement based on the type of anxiety you have because they all give different results. We will now explain how nootropics work as an anxiety relief.

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Nootropics and Anxiety

All kinds of different factors can cause anxiety and the most common one is connected to GABA deficiency in our brain.


GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is one of the neurotransmitters in our brain and it’s produced by a chemical called Glutamate. This is the strongest anti-anxiety neurotransmitter in our brain and it has an inhibitory effect on our central nervous system.


Having low levels of GABA makes your nerve cells too sensitive and they transmit signals more than they should. A small deficiency of GABA causes nervousness, but it can also lead to seizures, panic attacks, and compulsive behavior.


Normal levels of GABA minimize the chances of chemical anxiety. If everything works as it should, we feel relaxed and at easy and this is the main reason why sedatives often work by stimulating GABA receptors.


Alcohol is a GABA stimulant and it’s a CNS depressant. As such, it is known to relieve anxiety symptoms. It works similar to nootropics, but the severe side-effects that come with alcohol drinking stop it from being regarded as nootropic supplements. However, there are a number of products that activate GABA production which makes us feel calm, much like alcohol, but without the side effects.

Best Nootropics for Anxiety


Phenibut is widely known as the best nootropic for battling anxiety, but it is not meant for use on a daily basis. Phenibut is a derivative of GABA and it is so effective because it can traverse from the blood to the brain. It causes a light sedative effect which leads to relaxation, but the users also have a little less control over their actions.

Users often compare it to drinking small amounts of alcohol. This is a pretty accurate comparison because alcohol too stimulates GABA-b receptors in our brains. Phenibut is a good choice for fighting anxiety, but it can have some side effects that appear after a long-term use. Phenibut can be bought without a prescription in the US, but it’s a prescription drug in most other countries.


Aniracetam is considered to be the best and most effective of all racetam supplements because it has the best results against social anxiety and stress. Aniracetam is so powerful because it stimulates AMPA receptors that control the production and management of Glutamate.

We already explained that Glutamate is the most important element for the production of GABA, meaning that Aniracetam has an indirect effect on these receptors. Aniracetam can also diminish social inhibitors of a short time making it easier for introvert people to open up to others. It also provides more energy, focus, and motivation.


Noopept is an anxiolytic that has different effects on different people. Namely, some users have incredible results, while others don’t feel any changes at all. Noopept also works by activating AMPA receptors which then increase Glutamate uptake.

Not only does noopept activate AMPA receptors, it also causes a bigger production of serotonin and dopamine inside the brain. They say that Noopept is 1000 times stronger than Piracetam and 200 times stronger than Aniracetam.

The effects of this supplement last twice as long as the other we mentioned. You can feel lower stress levels and less anxiety by taking only one single capsule a day.


Picamilon is similar to Phenibut because it is also a GABA derivative which crosses the blood to brain barrier with ease, it can treat anxiety, mental fatigue, depression, and negative thoughts very efficiently. Picamilon is a safer option than Phenibut because it has less side effects and it is known to have more of a stimulative effect, rather than acting like a sedative. It is safe to use every day and it works great in a stack of nootropics that increase energy and motivation.


Inositol is a natural supplement better known as Vitamin B8. It was discovered as a chemical inside our cerebrospinal fluid. Inositol can also traverse the blood to brain barrier without problems, and that leads to increased GABA release.

Inositol is very effective in the fight against anxiety and most users feel much better after using it. Inositol promotes relaxation, and a general well-being.

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