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  • FOCUS 92%
  • ENERGY 86%
  • MEMORY 95%
  • MOOD 82%


– Improved Memory
– Better Focus
– Controlling Dreams
– Better Cognitive Abilities
– Promotes Brain Health


– Headache
– Vivid Dreams

 Alpha Brain is made by a company named Onnit and it is regarded as the number one nootropic product in the US. It’s popular among people who are starting with nootropic supplements as well as with people who are intermediate users. Alpha Brain is a focus-enhancing nootropic supplement which helps with oxygen flow and provides vital nutrients to your brain.


Alpha Brain is one of the best nootropic available on the market currently. Using this nootropic supplement regularly gives largely positive results. You’ll improve your focus, concentration, memory, and energy. It is regarded as a “stack” which means it’s a collection of different supplements which work together in synergy to improve your brain power. Alpha Brain includes medical formulas like Alpha GPC, which contains choline and Vinpocetine. These two ingredients increase blood flow to the brain thus improving your overall brain power.

To prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, Alpha Brain uses Huperzine A. All of these elements are combined in a single pill. No more than two capsules are recommended as a daily dose.

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Why is Alpha Brain Different than Other Smarter Nootropics?

Onnit uses scientifically tested Earth grown ingredients which have been clinically demonstrated to improve cognitive functions. Other companies tend to hide some of the ingredients they use in nootropic supplements production; Onnit doesn’t. Every single ingredient is listed and approved.

Bear in mind; Alpha Brain does not contain racetams. If you’re not familiar with racetams, we’ll try to explain it as simple as possible. Racetam is a powerful brain enhancing supplement, and it’s scientifically proven that it improves brain energy and focus. For the best possible experience consider mixing racetam supplements with Alpha Brain.

What are the Benefits of Alpha Brain?

Because Alpha Brain is a stack (which means it has many ingredients and compounds), it delivers a broad range of different benefits. Every component affects a different part of your brain. These are some of the advantages you can expect with Alpha Brain:

Improved Memory and Brain Power

A higher level of acetylcholine means better memory and learning abilities. The Alpha GPC formula in combination with Huperzine A offers the increase of brain activity thus improving your overall memory and brain power.

Better Cognitive Abilities and Focus

Vinpocetine increases the blood flow to your brain. More oxygen means more brain power. All of the ingredients found in Alpha Brain contribute to the improvement of cognitive abilities and focus.

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Improved Sleep

Some of the ingredients found in Alpha Brain affect anxiety and provide calmness and tranquility. These ingredients will help you get into a state of deeper relaxation and improve your sleep.

Controlling Your Dreams/Lucid Dreaming

If you take a pill before you go to bed, there is a high probability of lucid dreaming. People train for years to be able to control their dreams, with Alpha Brain, it’s a piece of cake.

How Does it Work?

People often ask this question; it’s hard to believe that a simple pill can change your life drastically. Alpha Brain uses a combination of different ingredients to affect your brain power. The ingredients feed off each other’s benefits. For instance, L-Theanine increases the transmittance through the brain thus allowing compounds like Alpha GPC to access the brain. Also, L-Theanine affects some neurotransmitters which can increase levels of dopamine, sometimes even serotonin. Dopamine is responsible for mood improvements in general.

Another crucial element is the acetylcholine, which is also a neurotransmitter. Higher levels of acetylcholine improve memory, learning ability, and cognitive functions. However, Alpha Brain does not contain Acetylcholine. Instead, it promotes the body’s ability to produce this neurotransmitter naturally. It does this in two ways: increasing acetylcholine synthesis using choline and inhibiting acetylcholine breakdown using ingredients like huperzia serrata.

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Is this safe?

Like most nootropics, Alpha Brain has a low toxicity regarding human consumption. Other supplements like Adderal aren’t considered to be nootropics because of their great side-effects. Overall, Alpha Brain is seen as a safe nootropic supplement. Its ingredients are natural, and the formulas are nature-derived. It contains carefully balanced elements which help your brain power. Another feature that makes Alpha Brain safe is the lack of racetams.

People may encounter and experience headaches when using certain racetams. In fact, Alpha Brain is recommended for individuals who use racetams because of its ability to ward off headaches.

Although it’s perfectly safe, you shouldn’t use this product if you’re pregnant or under 18 years of age. If you’re currently using some medication, consider talking to your doctor first before you buy Alpha Brain. This is crucial for people who take blood-thinners or any other drug that affects neurotransmission.

The Recommended Dosage:

The manufacturers of Alpha Brain recommend 1-2 pills daily. You should take these before a light meal, usually in the morning and early afternoon. However, if you’re planning to experience lucid dreaming, take a pill four to six hours before you go to bed. If you weigh over 200 pounds, you may want to increase your daily intake to three pills.

Onnit advises against taking more than three pills over a period of 24 hours. As you get more experienced with these smarter nootropics, you can optimize and fine-tune your dosages. Also, you can combine Alpha Brain with a racetam (like Piracetam) for the best experience possible.

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The side-effects:

As we mentioned above, the side-effects are quite minimal. Some people may experience headaches due to increased levels of acetylcholine. Others can experience exceptionally vivid dreams which can be uncomfortable in some cases.

All of the other ingredients are clinically tested, researched, and FDA approved.

Alpha Brain

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If you’re having issues with your memory and learning abilities, don’t hesitate to try this nootropic supplement. These nootropic pills will make your life much easier and improve your capacity to memorize things with ease.

The side-effects are minimal, so you don’t have to worry about negative aspects of this product. Once again, Alpha Brain does not contain any racetams.

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